Graze Box – Is it worth it?

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been away for a (very long) time – life got a bit hectic over exams. I’m going to try getting back into blogging over summer and into my final year at uni. One of the major things I’ve been trying to introduce into my lifestyle is healthy eating and exercise. I’m […]

Valentines Day 2018 Outfit & Makeup

Is your Valentines Day outfit ready? Whether you’re going on a date with your SO, hooking up with a new guy or having a galentines night, the perfect outfit is a must! My outfit this year features a white top from H&M that I bought in the sales a few months back, a pink skirt […]

Printable Christmas Tags

One of the things I always forget in the rush of buying, sorting and wrapping presents is the tags! Of course it’s possible to send a present without a tag, but I always think they complete a present. Somehow reading the tag before opening it makes the present waymore meaningful! So, if card shops are […]