ABH Modern Renaissance Palette – Worth the Hype?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Review & Tutorial

This ABH palette is a cult classic and I’ve finally got my hands on it. I’ve been trying out a few looks over the past few weeks and it really is gorgeous! I’ll give you a quick summary of what I think about the palette and then go onto recreating my favourite look.

First Impressions

Firstly, the packaging of the palette feels very high quality with a soft cover and magnetic closure. There is a nice, big mirror inside, however the back will not stay up by itself.

The colours have a very warm tone and are mainly pinks and oranges. While this may be a slightly limiting colour range, there are plenty of transition shades that can be used every day. They’re also incredibly pigmented, particularly Realgar and Love Letter. As with most shimmer shades, the ones in this palette are helped if you apply some water or setting spray to the brush before applying it.

The biggest stand out point of the palette for me is how easy the colours are to blend. The brush that comes with the palette has a blending end with very soft brushes and it is so easy to blend colours out with. As the colours can be built up, it’s really easy to blend as you go.



  1. Apply an eyeshadow base or concealer all over your eyelid. This will help the colours stand out more and last longer.
  2. Take some of Burnt Orange and Realgar and apply in the crease as a transition shade.
  3. Wet your brush and pack Primavera onto your lid.
  4. Go back over your crease with Realgar to add more intensity and to blend out your lid.
  5. Add a touch of Cyprus Umber to your outer corner, blending up and out.
  6. Finish with a swipe of Tempera under your eyebrow.

I absolutely adore this palette, it’s so versatile and can be used for every day and more extreme looks. I can’t wait till Autumn comes round again to try out some more berry themed looks.

You can buy the palette here:

Astrud x

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