A blog is for life, not just for Christmas

As we come up to the New Year, I’ve decided to do the stereotypical ‘new year, new me’ and start a blog. Hopefully this doesn’t end like all of my previous New Years Resolutions – i.e. crashing and burning within a month.

I spend basically my entire life with my laptop. (Photo creds: Naomi Young)

You can check out my About Me page, but I’m Astrud – I like colour coordination, food (waffles in the photo above) and stationery. I live in one of the prettiest cities in Britain, Durham, and this blog will follow my life from its most to least aesthetic moments.

I’ve been debating starting this for a while, as my Instagram has been picking up traction but I don’t want to be limited to just photos! I’ve got tons of DIY and recipe ideas that I can’t wait to share, and it’s such a pain trying to cram things into insta captions.

Things you can expect from my blog

  • Study tips
  • Recipes
  • Product reviews
  • Interior design DIYs
  • Hacks
  • Makeup tutorials
  • Travel photos
  • Life updates

So, stick around and keep your eyes peeled for more!

Astrud x

3 thoughts on “A blog is for life, not just for Christmas

  1. I love your blog, #goals ^.^
    Can’t wait for the hacks especially :$ -will all your hacks require Windows Installation discs? 🙂 And which programming languages should I learn? xD
    So excited for your interior design too :O I’ve tried some interior design, but it seems to be taking longer than expected! o.O
    Judging by your insta I can already tell how good your travel photos will be too 😀 Have you got any photos of your recent trip to A&E?? ^.^
    Keeping my eyes peeled,
    Russ x

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